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Caramelized apples and pecan overnight oats

Prep Time:

15 mins

Cook Time:

5-7 mins


1-2 Servings



About the Recipe

Delicious caramelized apples and nuts topped overnight oats.


  1. 1 cup old fashioned rolled oats

  2. 2 cups milk of choice

  3. 1 tsp cinnamon powder

  4. 1 tsp vanilla extract

  5. Dash of salt

  6. Splash of agave syrup

  7. 1 red apple, chopped (peeled or not)

  8. handful of crushed pecans

  9. 1 tbsp maple syrup or other sweetener/sugar for caramelizing


  1. Soak the oats overnight by adding oats to a jar along with milk, vanilla, cinnamon, agave and salt. Shake ingredients before covering and refrigerating

  2. Prepare caramelized apples and nuts by warming up a pan/skillet on stovetop and adding chopped up apple along with nuts, sweetener/sugar of choice and allowing to cook/brown for a few mins (apple softens)

  3. Serve the apples and nuts on the overnight oats while still warm for most deliciousness!

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