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Post TG turkey sandwich

Prep Time:

7 mins

Cook Time:



2-3 Servings



About the Recipe

No such thing as leftover turkey!


  1. Sliced bread

  2. Preprepped / leftover turkey breast, sliced

  3. Preprepped / leftover cranberry sauce (about 2-3 tsp for each sandwich)

  4. Mayo & other dressing or sauce of choice (e.g., mustard, chipotle sauce, hot sauce, etc.)

  5. Fresh baby spinach leaves (about 5-6 for each sandwich)

  6. Provolone or Swiss cheese slices (about 2 for each sandwich)

  7. Avocado (optional)

  8. Salt and pepper


  1. Spread mayo or spread of choice onto first slice of bread.

  2. Spread cranberry sauce onto the second slice of bread.

  3. On the slice with mayo or other spread, add spinach leaves, followed by slices of avocado, cheese, plus any additional sauces or spreads you choose to use. Finally add the turkey breast slices.

  4. Fold bread slices onto one another. Sandwich should hold firm. You can always use a wooden skewer or tall toothpick to hold slices together. Just try not to poke your face with it!

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