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Dutch-process chocolate espresso cake

Prep Time:

10 mins

Cook Time:

40 mins


6-8 Servings



About the Recipe

Moist Dutch-process chocolate espresso cake.


  1. 1/3 cup black cocoa powder

  2. 1/4 cup regular cocoa powder

  3. 2 cups all purpose flour

  4. 1/2 cup maple syrup

  5. 1/2 cup granulated sugar

  6. 1 tsp vanilla extract 

  7. Dash of salt

  8. 1 tsp baking powder

  9. 1/2 tsp baking soda

  10. 1/2 - 3/4 cup white chocolate chips

  11. 2 eggs or egg subtitute

  12. 1/4 cup coconut oil + more to grease baking pan

  13. 1/2 cup coffee (Lungo)


  1. Add all ingredients in a large bowl and mix well before folding in the chocolate chips. Consistency is rather sticky and gooey (dough-like).

  2. Grease your pan or mold and pour in before baking at 350 F for about 40 mins or til knife comes out dry (if using 8” pan/tray you will find the cake will be a little wet in the middle but the sides will be dry so test the sides not just the middle).

  3. Cool before serving with vanilla ice cream!

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